Animal Experiment Center

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The animal experiment center of Shandong Eye Institute was formally established in June 2002. After several years of development, the area has increased from more than 100 square meters to 435 square meters in June 2006. The experimental animal center has a wealth of animal feeding equipment and animal experimental instruments. It has developed from the general level environment of animal feeding to the SPF level which meets the national purification standard.

The experimental animal center is specifically divided into three clean rabbit feeding rooms, four SPF mice feeding rooms, two standard operating laboratories and one negative pressure operating laboratory. The environmental conditions meet the requirements of barrier facilities, and it has 20 EVC (central cage ventilation system) mouse feeding equipment, and has obtained the experimental animal use license issued by Shandong experimental animal center (license No.: syxk (Lu) 2017 0029). The feed, bedding and drinking water used in the animal center meet the national standards. Now the main experimental animals are New Zealand white rabbits, BALB / c mice, C57 / BL6 mice, and more than 20 kinds of gene knockout mice. Each year, more than 600 experimental rabbits and 6000 experimental mice are raised.

The experimental animal center has three operating rooms for animal experiments. The operating laboratory has advanced ophthalmic experimental equipment, including three Carl Zeiss operating microscopes (with video system), two TOPCON sl-d7 slit lamps, one bq900 slit lamp, tonometer, etc., which can meet the needs of various ophthalmic experiments and provide a better animal experimental platform for ophthalmic research.

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Animal Experiment Center