Laboratory of Pathogenic Biology

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The laboratory of pathogenic biology has been established since 2007 with emphasis on the following aspects:(1) interaction between common ophthalmic pathogenic microorganisms and corneal cells; (2) biological control of infectious ophthalmopathy.

Up to now, it has presided over several projects of the National Natural Science Foundation, Shandong Youth Foundation, Shandong Medical College and many projects of Shandong institute of ophthalmology, and participated in a national "973" preliminary project and other three national natural science funds as main completed personnel. Significant progress has been made in the molecular diagnosis and biological control of infectious keratopathy. At present, over 10 SCI papers, more than 5 domestic core journal papers have been published, 7 international and domestic invention patents have been applied for, and 2 have been authorized; “Pathogenic detection and epidemiological study of infectious ophthalmopathy” has obtained the second prize of scientific and technological achievement of Shandong Medical College in 2012.

This laboratory was converted into a Class II Biosafety Laboratory (BSL-2) since 2012 and there are two assistant researchers currently. The laboratory is equipped with many precision instruments, such as biosafety cabinet, autoclave, CO2 incubator, fluorescent microscope and ultra-low temperature refrigerator and so on.


Representative Publications:

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Laboratory of Pathogenic Biology