Research and Direction of Shandong Provincial Key Laboratory of Ophthalmology

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According to our own advantages, State Key Laboratory Cultivation Base, Shandong Provincial Key Laboratory of Ophthalmology, focuses on the main clinical needs and the development trend of blinding eye disease to solve the problems of corneal disease, children and infants cataract, prevention and functional reconstruction of ocular trauma.  

We have made good achievements in the fields of infectious keratopathy, corneal innovation surgery, tissue engineering conjunctiva, systemic diseases of the eyes, and infant cataract. Over 1,000 academic papers have been published, among which more than 300 papers are published in Advanced Functional Material, PNAS, Ophthalmology, Diabetes, Stem Cells and other SCI journals. Forty-seven authorized patents have been obtained, five of which have been transferred, and two have entered the CFDA approval green channel. The achievements also include three National Science and Technology Progress Awards, one He Liang He Li Fund Science and Technology Progress Award, two Shandong Province Science and Technology Top Awards, four Shandong Province First Science Progress Awards, and 23 other awards. There are 10 published books, including Corneal Transplantation, Cornea, Corneal Atlas, Corneal Surgery, Clinical Cornea, Corneal Therapeutics and Pediatric Cataract.

Research achievements are also written into ophthalmology teaching material, and national professional and technical qualification examinations of ophthalmology. 13 expert consensus and specification are organized, including "Standard of infective corneal disease diagnosis expert consensus", "Standard of dry eye diagnosis expert consensus”, “Application of glucocorticoid in the treatment of cornea and ocular surface disease treatment”, “Clinical diagnosis and treatment of corneal epithelium damage expert consensus” and so on. According to incomplete statistics, more than 100 large medical institutions in China have adopted the innovative results of the laboratory, and made positive contributions to improving the eye health level of Chinese people.

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Research and Direction of Shandong Provincial Key Laboratory of Ophthalmology