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Build a Vision Intervention Platform and a "Qingdao Model" for Myopia Prevention and Control

Newstime:2020-03-03 15:30:18  Comefrom: 办公室

Through the intelligent vision intervention platform, Qingdao Eye Hospital of Shandong First Medical University has completed the screening of more than 27000 primary and secondary school students. Schools and parents can obtain the visual information of students' strength and scientific early warning through the platform. The intelligent platform will provide targeted "health prescription" guidance, prevention and control intervention, and create the "Qingdao mode" of myopia prevention and control.

Qingdao eye hospital has organized a screening team of more than 50 medical staff to complete the screening of about 27000 primary and secondary school students. The screening work was organized in accordance with the latest "key and appropriate technical guidelines for prevention and control of myopia among children and adolescents" issued by the general office of the National Health Commission in mid October. The screening content includes the screening of poor vision and myopia, and the establishment of vision health files for students to facilitate the implementation of prevention, control, guidance and intervention.

Relying on the "Academic Improvement Plan" of Shandong First Medical University, the expert team led by academician Xie Lixin, President of Qingdao ophthalmic hospital, has undertaken the research project of "innovative research on prevention and treatment of major eye diseases in China." prevention and treatment of myopia among children and adolescents "is an important part of the research team, aiming to form a standardized prevention and treatment system" Qingdao mode ", relying on intelligent level To build a whole chain model of visual screening, scientific early warning, education and training, prevention and control, rehabilitation and correction, and effect evaluation.

In the follow-up screening, the hospital will continue to add new equipment such as biometrics, biomechanics analyzer, etc., into the eye axis, curvature and other new screening projects, to early warning the incidence of keratoconus in children and adolescents. In order to provide early prescription and intervention for reducing myopia rate, the age group was extended to kindergarten and high school.

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Build a Vision Intervention Platform and a "Qingdao Model" for Myopia Prevention and Control